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Shoe-Making Workshop

Shoe-Making Workshop

"In this workshop participants will learn the process of making a pair of shoes from scratch. They will use different materials such as foam, fabric and different threads and hand sewing techniques in the process, such as ladder and blanket stitching, as well as paint their own shoes in the geometric pattern already engraved on the fabric, creating a fun and colorful design.

The session will begin with cutting out a measured template, folding and ironing the individual parts and painting them. Then, participants will pin the pieces together, stitch them, creating a rope-like pattern on the edge of the shoes which will be flued on the base of the shoe.

Please note the shoe-making workshop will take place on site at Warehouse421.

Ages: 15+

Language: English

About the instructor:
Ban Hawamdeh is a product designer, Studied three-dimensional design in Manchester. She is currently an instructor and technical advisor at Makerspace in Al Zeina. She specializes in a number of areas including 2D & 3D design software, ceramics and jewelry design and she is passionate about being an instructor.

This program is offered in collaboration with Makerspace Al Zeina.

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Date : Friday, December 17, 2021
Tickets : FREE
Event Location : Warehouse421
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