Noura Alserkal

Conceptual Art
Contemporary Art Jewellery
Mixed Media

Noura is an artist driven by excavating the relationships between the known and the unknown. She explores means of uncovering her family history and genealogy through archival research and re-engineered narratives. She counters an expected materiality with an interrogation of the immaterial; she confounds the commercial and the artistic. Oriented towards uncovering neglected or potentially taboo narratives, Alserkal’s practice is encapsulated in materials and objects that resonate with experimentation and sharp-edged insight. Unsurprisingly, much of her process lies in the thinking.

Noura is from the United Arab Emirates and graduated from the Royal College of Art with a Masters of Art in Jewellery and Metal. She won the RCA x Swarovski Design Project in 2018 and gave a design talk among other artists in Wattens, Austria. In 2015, she was a part of the Dubai-Berlin Exchange Program in which four Emirati jewellery designers and four Berlin-based designers where chosen to create work and exhibit in the Dubai Berlin Fashion Show. In 2014, she took part in the Cultural Excellence Fellowship organized by ADMAF and the British Council.

Noura Alserkal is a recipient of the Cultural Foundation Art Residency 2020.

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