Abdalla Almulla

Conceptual Art

Abdalla Almulla a Dubai based Architect/Designer founder of MULA, a creative practice that is driven by the creative energy, which is constantly in flux; creating new ideas and developing them as the design advances. The methodologies are perceived as a sequence of theoretical and visual design explorations within a focused subject by using patterns and geometry as regulators in setting the design guidelines.

Abdalla simultaneously studies the subject’s attributes to develop them through a preliminary study of concepts, prototyping and digital technology. He uses the method of prototyping to learn and repeat, in doing so, a creative value is added to the creative practice to constantly evolve, providing the customers with unique designs.

Abdalla has participated in major international exhibitions such as London Design Fair 18′ and Milan Design 18′ as part of UAE Design Stories Exhibition where he was chosen as one of the Emirati designers to display their work. He also participated in Paris Design Week 18′ with his piece “Mese”, ZERO and Dubai Design Week 16′ with “Intrinsic Flux” and in Dubai Design Week 17′ in a collaboration with Emirati Jewelry brand GAFLA creating an experiential installation for the visitors.

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