Sarah Almehairi

Fibre Arts
Mixed Media

Sarah Almehairi was born in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in 1998, where she currently lives and works. She received her BA in Art and Art History from New York University Abu Dhabi. Almehairi’s overarching body of work unfolds a discourse on themes of language, materiality and memory through the intuitive examination of narrative and abstraction. By engaging with geometric shape and form, she extracts and defines a structural language, read time and time again to suggest a form other than its own– a map, a sentence, a puzzle piece. Through the process, moments unfold, repositioning takes place, and order is imposed through the organisation of collected information. Working primarily with an investigative range of media, she explores the push and pull of material to evoke a story that both conceals and reveals.

Almehairi is also the founder of Artist Talks and co-founder of JARA Collective.

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