About Us

About Us

Bringing together cultural institutions and spaces, the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi is pleased to announce a new digital initiative facilitating access to Abu Dhabi’s cultural scene.

CulturAll is a curated selection of cultural experiences and a diversity of cultural resources on a virtual platform that invites the world to discover, learn, create, and be part of our cultural landscape.

CulturAll transcends physical boundaries to engage actively with the audience, create connections, and be a source of inspiration. It is a virtual space for audiences to engage with cultural sites and programmes within Abu Dhabi’s culture sector.


We invite you to explore CulturAll through a multi-disciplinary approach.


Discover Abu Dhabi’s various cultural sites, initiatives, exhibitions, and performances via video footage, recordings, and virtual tools we share.


Hear from cultural specialists across the world about their ideas, concepts and creativity. Travel the world and meet curators, artists, artisans, historians, performers, collectors, architects, gallerists and even the objects and paintings.


Experience a number of creative and artistic guidelines, demos, tutorials, instructions, and masterclasses for you to learn, participate, and create.

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Or visit https://abudhabiculture.ae/culturall/

About Us


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