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Maritime Heritage Festival 2022

Maritime Heritage Festival 2022

The Maritime Heritage Festival invites you to experience Abu Dhabi’s most cherished living history from March 18 - 27 at Al Bahar, on the UAE capital’s Corniche.

The festival will take you back in time to when Abu Dhabi’s ancestors lived in harmony with the sea, building a sustainable and prosperous way of life, and cultivating skills that have passed down through the generations, such as fishing, trading and pearl diving.

Throughout the festival, visitors will experience the intimate setting of a local coastal village, bringing to life the bustling markets and traditional social gatherings, as well as seafaring stories and skills shared by traditional sailors, tradespeople, and craftspeople.

Today, preserving our heritage and connection with the oceans is more important than ever, and at the festival they are woven together like the fishing nets Abu Dhabi’s ancestors crafted by hand.

Join us at the Maritime Heritage Festival to honour Abu Dhabi’s coastal culture and traditions, while celebrating the origin stories of the emirate.

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