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Al Mujamma

Al Mujamma

"Al Mujamma is an interactive archival exhibition that narrates the story of Cultural Foundation Abu Dhabi from its conceptualization by the Late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan and establishment in 1973, its closure in 2009, and its reopening in 2018. The building is regarded as one of the most prominent modern heritage buildings exemplifying postmodern architecture in the UAE.

Al Mujamma was a widely known term frequently used by the residents of Abu Dhabi to refer to the Cultural Foundation. It is an all-encompassing term of endearment and belonging that refers to a center that brings together all facets of culture in one place.
The exhibition narrates the building’s memories within a multimedia curated selection of objects, images and videos that highlights the importance of the foundation as a cultural center in the region, and the social impact it has on the residents of Abu Dhabi.

The exhibition also shares the cultural experiences that were available to the community in its entirety, such as the National Library, the theatre, the fine arts and important public events."

Date : Oct 20th, 2021 - Feb 15th, 2022
Tickets : FREE
Event Location : Cultural Foundation