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Visual Arts

Classes will run between August 16 – September 5.  Register today!

Arabic Calligraphy: The Art of the Written Word

During this course you’ll learn the techniques of basic Arabic calligraphy by completing a series of writing exercises to develop a greater understanding and appreciation for this striking art form.

Teens & Adults

Arabic Calligraphy: Tools and Techniques

Arabic calligraphy is written using a traditional pen made of reed. Through this course, students will learn about the various writing styles and techniques of the art of the written word.

Teens & Adults

Clay Handbuilding

Handbuilding is a pottery making technique that involves creating forms without a pottery wheel, using the hands, fingers, and simple tools. This course is for beginners and those seeking to further their development of hand-built ceramics.

Teens & Adults

Creative Clay

As children learn about the qualities of one of Earth’s more abundant natural materials, they will also learn that squishing it, rolling it, pinching it, and decorating it, can create something new and exciting with endless possibilities!

Teens & Adults

Jewellery Design

Join us in this 4 week introductory course to learn the basic techniques of drafting jewellery to sculpting precious metals into intricate and unique designs. Harness your creative process to produce your own original accessories.

Teens & Adults

Masters of Art Techniques

In this 4-week course, learn about some of the major art movements that defined and shaped modern art and which still influence the art being produced today, including Abstract Expressionism, Dadaism, and Cubism.

Juniors & Teens

Oil Painting

Learn the skills and techniques of oil painting including lessons on light and shadow and creating balance and harmony in your paintings.

Teens & Adults

Oil Painting Techniques

Learn the skills and techniques of oil painting as practiced by the great masters in art history!

Teens & Adults

Sensorial Arts Exploration

In this course, children accompanied by their favourite adults engage in transformative and experimental introductory art activities with a focus on texture, colour, and experimentation.

Children (3-5) with adult

Tranquil Watercolours

Participants will enjoy experimenting with a wide range of basic watercolour principles, and techniques that form the building blocks of all watercolours in this programme.

Teens & Adults

Upcycled Paper Crafts

Participants will have fun learning several different types of upcycled paper crafts including decoupage, paper quilling, papier-mâché, and paper bead making, all made from readily available materials upcycled from around the home.

Teens & Adults

Collaging Paintings

During this 4-week course, participants will engage in an experimental painting and mixed-media experience, learning fundamental techniques such as preparing your canvas, designing your composition, using collage methods to combine drawings with found images, and applying finishes to the final product.

Teens & Adults

Botanical Illustration

Prior to the invention of photography, artists and illustrators used botanical illustration as a way of visually recording the world’s many species of plant life. The 4-week course workshops will explore this art form through various art-making techniques including drawing and watercolour illustration.

Teens & Adults

Ceramic Makers

Explore clay as an artistic medium by creating sculptural forms using your hands, fingers, and simple tools. In this 4-week course, participants will learn fundamental techniques, including coiling, slab building, pinching, and the use of texture.


Experimental Printmaking

In this 4-week course, participants will experiment with a range of printmaking methods including linocut, gelli plate and monoprinting. Learn how to design, cut, and produce single or multi-block prints, and create one-of-a-kind prints through subtractive and additive mark making.

Teens & Adults

Experiential Drawing and Painting

This 4-week course will feature a set of fun and experimental observational exercises that challenge traditional modes of art making and take you on a journey towards unique self-expression.

Juniors & Teens