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Performing Arts

Classes will run between August 16 – September 5.  Register today!

An Introduction to Music Theory & History

In this introductory course, students will learn to identify notes and scales and to understand the fundamentals of pattern and structure in music.

All ages

Cello Classes

This course combines teaching cello with a special focus on the Arabic Takht band and the teaching of rebabah. Students interested in this area will have the possibility to play a central role in the preservation of Emirati heritage.

All ages (10+)

One-to-One Piano Instruction

Whether you grew up in a musical family, or are a complete beginner, there are unquestionable mental and physical benefits (aside from the enjoyment) to playing musical instruments. Students of all ages and levels are welcome!

All ages

Oud Classes

Under the supervision of oud master Naseer Shamma, this Oud class will focus both on keeping the tradition and evolving the practice of oud. The course includes instrument practice, performance and composition.

All ages (10+)

Oud Play Lessons

The oud is undoubtedly the most popular musical instrument in Arabic Music, with cousins of the instrument appearing in different cultures across the world. In this course participants will learn the fundamentals of oud, and basic theory and techniques.

All ages

Qanun Classes

The Qanun department is one of the oldest in Bait Al Oud, focusing on one of the central instruments of every Arabic Takht band; the qanun. The programme includes instrument practice, Solfege and performance.

Teens & Adults

Violin Classes

The Violin department focuses on the tradition of the Arabic Takht Band. While the course teaches violin in the Western classical music tradition, the Violin Department emphasizes the crucial role the violin plays within Arabic music.

All ages (10+)

Vocal Classes with Bait al Oud

The Vocal department of Bait Al Oud plays an important role in the preservation of traditional Arabic singing and the development of new singing talents. Students will learn the fundamentals of Moshahat, Qudood and Emirati Songs.

All ages (10+)

Voice Lessons: An Introduction to Singing

Singing is the act of producing musical sounds with the voice by the use of sustained tonality, rhythm, and a variety of vocal techniques. In this course participants will learn the five basic components of singing; pitch, breathing, rhythm, diction and voice.

All ages