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Seeing Through Light

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This Educator Resource Guide is designed for educators to use in the classroom to prepare your
students for visits to the exhibition.
The Guide provides techniques for connection with the visual arts and other subject areas relating to curricula being used in Abu Dhabi, including Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and other educational institutions. The Guide features an exhibition overview with significant themes, classroom activities, discussion questions to facilitate open-ended exploration, resources, vocabulary, images, and online links about the artists and their artwork. A downloadable online version of this Guide, complete with high resolution images and links that can be projected for classroom use, is also available on the Seeing Through Light exhibition page at Prior to bringing your class to the exhibition, we invite you to use the Guide and decide which aspects of the exhibition are most relevant to your students.

For the educator, this exhibition provides a perfect opportunity to invite students of all ages to join in on an exciting, engaging, and experiential journey.
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