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Percussion Instruments of the Traditional Performance Arts of the United Arab Emirates

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Drums and other percussion instruments play a central role in the intangible heritage of the United Arab Emirates, driving the rhythm of the performance arts.

This booklet describes the main instruments and the craftsmanship behind them and is packed with colour photographs. 

There are eight sections to the booklet, focusing on: Rahmani drums, for both inland Al-Ayyala (Al-Ayyala Al-Barrya) and coastal/maritime Al-Ayyala (Al-Ayyala Al-Bahrrya); the Kasser drum; Daff or Tar tambourine; Shuhouh drum; Shendouh drum; Tous or Sajat cymbals; Beeb or Batou metal can, beaten with drumsticks; and Nouban drums, the Tanbura and the Menyour (a cloth belt to which dried sheep or goat hooves are attached, then shaken), which accompany Al Nouban, also known as Fann Al Tanbura, a performance art of singing and dancing.  
Emiratis excel in making and playing these instruments, which accompany intangible heritage performances for all aspects of their lives — for social, cultural, religious and national occasions and events.  





Size: 14.8 x 21 cm
Pagination: 108 pages
Cover: Softcover
Languages: Bilingual (Arabic + English)


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