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Bait Al Gahwa is a cultural experience involving the traditional preparation and presentation of Gahwa (Arabic coffee).

The concept is based on extensive research undertaken by the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi in order to document and safeguard an essential element of Emirati culture.

The practice of serving Gahwa communally has been a part of the Emirati tradition of hospitality and generosity for centuries, passed down from generation to generation. Not only is it a part of celebrations, it is a symbol of unity that preserves social, political and cultural associations that have helped shape Emirati society into what it is today.

Are you interested in Gahwa traditional and practices and passionate about preserving your heritage?

If so, please Read the instructions below to find out more and follow the link to apply.


Bait Al Gahwa Training & Certification Programmes:

The Bait Al Gahwa formal training and certification programmes are a result of one year of careful planning, research, documentation, and development. Following consultations with renown Gahwa heritage experts from across the UAE and Emirati specialty coffee expert, Bait Al Gahwa presents an integrated curriculum that covers all aspects of heritage, history and science of Gahwa, which includes theory and practice, audio-visual materials and practical modules, that together provide an extensive coverage of Gahwa Culture ensuring its transmission to future generations.

The training programme includes five modules:

  1. Gahwa Experts Programme: 10 day programme that includes all aspects of Gahwa heritage. history and making. This is a prerequisite programme to all other certification programmes such as Sane’ Al Gahwa, Host and Operator certifications. This programme is open to all who are interested. Currently available in Arabic, English programme to be launched in 2022.
  2. Certified Sane' Al Gahwa: This is open to all Emiratis (and other categories) who have successfully completed the Gahwa Experts Programme and wish to be employed in a Bait Al Gahwa.
  3. Certified Host: This is open to all Emiratis (and other categories) who have successfully completed the Gahwa Experts Programme and wish to be employed in a Bait Al Gahwa.
  4. Bait Al Gahwa certified operators: This is a requirement for BAG licensing programmes and is open to Emiratis (and other categories) of cultural entrepreneurs who have successfully completed the Gahwa Expert Programme. This is also linked to a funding programme that supports and encourages Bait Al Gahwa partnerships conditional upon certain eligibility criteria.

We also provide :

  • Informal Training for government agencies and the private sector (hotels, etc.).
  • Workshops for universities and schools.

Location of training centre:

  • First floor of the House of Artisans in Al Hosn Site.

Bait Al Gahwa License

  • A licensing system has been developed that enables individuals with an interest in Emirati heritage and Gahwa to obtain a license to run Bait Al Gahwa and to practice the culture of making and serving Gahwa in accordance with authentic Emirati customs and traditions promoting the transmission of the heritage of Gahwa to future generations.
  • The license is obtained through the Department of Economic Development and is open to all Bait Al Gahwa Certified Operators by the Department of Culture & Tourism – Abu Dhabi. Certain terms and conditions apply.
  • Support and funding programmes available for eligible categories and certified operators.

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