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The game of Tug of War


The game of Tug of War


Tug of war is a popular game played by groups of young males from the neighbourhood. It is also played by groups of girls. The game is also a form of sport that works the joints and muscles, strengthens the body, and develops the spirit of determination, endurance, and the pursuit of victory. According to the rules of the game, a strong and durable rope is brought by the players and one of the players is chosen to be a referee to manage the game, then the players are divided into two equal teams.

The playing field may be a yard or courtyard or a flat area of land in a farm. A line is drawn on the ground in the centre of the rope. The game of tug of war requires the experience and skill of the players, their steadfastness, determination, their desire to win, and their muscular and physical strength.

When playing the game, each team stands behind the line, holding one end of the rope, after placing the strongest and lightest weighing players in the front, and the weakest and heaviest players at the rear to increase the weight and keep the team balanced.

When the referee signals the beginning of the game, each team pulls the rope in an attempt to drag the other team to its side. The competition continues until one of the teams manages to drag the other to its side of the line on the ground. The team that pulls the other across is the winner. The referee announces the result of the competition and the winning team, as audiences applaud and voices are raised with songs and chants.1 In the old days, during diving trips, men used to play the game of tug of war on the decks of ships while chanting marine songs and chants.2


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