Skills Associated with Traditional craftsmanship




A variety of cooking and food serving tools were utilised in the UAE in ancient times.

In line with the difficult and treacherous lifestyle of those times, people utilised raw natural materials to make different tools and utensils that enriched the ancient Emirati household, and allowed women to prepare and serve food. “Judoor” or “sing. jadr” (also known as millal or sing. millah) are among the utensils that were used to prepare and cook food.


In the past, judoor were made of various materials such as pottery, iron, wood, copper, and brass. The oldest and most common type of judoor in the UAE was made of pottery, which was a well-known ancient industry in the UAE. To prepare judoor, people would obtain clay from its origins in nature. They would then burn the clay in the “tannour” and shape it into clay tablets. They could then shape the tables into any desired shape after undergoing cooling and filtration.


Brass judoor (made of copper) were made in different sizes depending on their purpose and the number of members in the family. The ancient Emirati people excelled in shaping and engraving copper with various drawings and symbols. Copper was used in making many traditional tools and utensils, including judoor. Aluminium was also used in making judoor, including circular judoor with high edges that were used for frying and cooking fish and other proteins. It was also used for cooking rice, which is a staple in Emirati cuisine, in addition to other Emirati dishes.

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