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Al Jafeer


Al Jafeer is a basket made of palm khoos (wicker) that is used by people in coastal areas to carry fish, while it is used by people in desert areas to carry dates and purchases from the market.


The narrator Shamsa Al Shamsi explains that the jafeer is comprised of a sack with two handles. It tends to be large and can be placed under food or hung on walls as home décor.

Al Jafeer is comprised of a sack of woven palm khoos (wicker), about 4 cm wide. The base (badwah, i.e. start) is initially made. It is given that name because it is the first part to be sewn. The rest of the sack is sewn in a spiral manner, using green palm khoos, until the jafeer reaches a height of about an arm, after which two handles are attached, making the jafeer easier to carry. If the height of the jafeer is greater than an arm, it is called a mizmah.

Nowadays, the jafeer is still used to distribute sweets on special occasions and weddings, among other uses.

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