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Qasr Al Watan Library



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Integrated knowledge platform

The library is located within Qasr Al Watan, one of the few presidential headquarters in the world that has opened its doors to the public and an important destination within the cultural landscape of Abu Dhabi. Qasr Al Watan Library reflects the UAE Vision 2021, which supports the knowledge economy to promote and sustain development through investment in minds and human resources. The Library is a unique addition to the public library network in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, which provides sources of knowledge through the latest technologies and techniques.

The library has a unique architectural style and is located in the centre of the palace.

Comprehensive resources

The library has a large collection of knowledge resources in the fields of science and the arts within the UAE. Collected over 35 years, these publications cover subjects including history, geography and the social, economic and political development of the UAE. Official and historical documents from local and international sources are accessible alongside the Constitution and laws of the UAE. The library also houses publications from cultural institutions, research centres, official authorities and publishing houses from across the UAE. There are books on  archaeology, history, heritage, memoirs, biographies, human and social sciences, statistics, administration, culture, literature, arts and other sources of public interest. The publications were carefully selected to meet the needs of scholars and researchers of all ages and disciplines. The growth and expansion of library holdings in the future will include interactive programmes that tap into a world of paper and electronic publishing and multimedia.

Integrated concept of reading
Qasr Al Watan Library offers an integrated reading experience, where resources are available in Arabic, English and many other languages. These include printed books, e-books, audio and video books, periodicals, multimedia, university letters, research articles, newspapers and magazines, documents, encyclopaedias, book summaries, reference dictionaries, databases and rare manuscripts.

The interior of the library offers a comfortable research, reading and writing environment, in modern rooms equipped with computers, with search-friendly electronic resources. 

In addition to the library's comprehensive collection of books and resources, a series of community initiatives, including panel discussions and musical performances, will stimulate dialogue and knowledge exchange.


The library allows readers to borrow printed and other materials through a membership system. The public can view the library contents on the website.
Reference services
The library’s staff provide a variety of services to access information and reference lists. They can train visitors in how to use the digital library and provide information about library programmes.
Guided tours
Special tours enable visitors to learn about the library and its contents, and how to make the most of its programmes and resources.
Internet access
The library provides internet access, computers and tablets to enable use of its e-services.
The digital library
The digital library offers many sources in various formats, such as print material and audio and video equipment, and library members can access them from anywhere in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.
Qasr Al Watan Library is open to all UAE nationals, residents and visitors, and can be visited in person or via a membership card that provides access to all services.


To obtain a membership card, please visit:

Location Details


Al Ras Al Akhdar - Abu Dhabi

Working hours in Ramadan

Sun 11:00 am – 04:30 pm

Mon 11:00 am – 04:30 pm

Tue 11:00 am – 04:30 pm

Wed 11:00 am – 04:30 pm

Thu 11:00 am – 04:30 pm



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