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Sharjah National Theatre Co. Play Presents: Majareeh



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8:00 PM to 10:00 PM


Cultural Foundation



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Majareeh (The Wounded), performed by the Sharjah National Theatre Company, tackles the theme of slavery; the concept of being a slave to the self or to inherited traditions and customs. The message is delivered through elements of folk heritage and various symbols and meanings attached to them, via a story of love and marriage. Director Mohammed Al Ameri blends anecdotes from local culture and heritage, and brings modern musical instruments together with classical traditional instruments, such Al Habban, moving swiftly between times and eras.

Based in the Heritage Area, the Sharjah National Theatre began in 1975 and was inaugurated in 1978. Since then Sharjah National Theatre worked diligently on spreading artistic and cultural awareness, producing meaningful plays, providing constructive criticism and directing public opinion, as well as addressing social issues in a manner easily understood by the viewers. The theatre has participated in many festivals within the United Arab Emirates and abroad, and won several prestigious awards. It also took part in many intellectual, cultural and artistic events, both locally and internationally.

** The play is in Arabic
Minimum Age to attend: 6 years old


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