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Object of the Month Workshops



Date & Time

10:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Qasr Al Muwaiji




An object is selected each month from the exhibition and highlighted in educational workshops for school visits.

September: 'Al Taw’we'
The theme of this workshop was the water well which was discovered during archaeological excavations in the courtyard of Qasr Al Muwaiji. Using clay, students were encouraged to create their own wells inspired by the historic well. They were introduced to the significance of the water well in the past and the methods used to draw water from the well.

October: The 'Khanjar'
The 'Khanjar' or dagger is the selected object for October’s workshop; a significant piece worn around the waist by men and young boys. Though it is a weapon, daggers were symbolic for power, protection and status. The students will be introduced to the types of daggers and the various elements that decorate it to create an artwork inspired by it.

November: The 'Bisht'
For the month of November, the “Bisht” will be looked at in detail. A formal and traditional piece of clothing worn as a cloak, the “Bisht” is used for formal and significant occasions. It is intricately woven using wool or camel hair, and decorated along the lapel with embroidered gold and silver threads.


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