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Memory of an Emirati Song



Date & Time

8:30 PM to 10:30 PM


Cultural Foundation




Khalid Mohammed
This Emirati singer and composer has recorded over two hundred songs since his rise to fame in the UAE and Gulf region in the 1980s. He is part of a generation that pioneered the technical art of the Oud, and he continues his efforts to this day. His performances include poems by Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Mohammed Bin Suqat, Kamish Bin Noman, Abdullah Bin Dhiban, Ali bin Rahma al-Shamsi, and many more. He also recreates traditional UAE songs in his own unique way. Khalid is a master of the Oud, researcher of poetry and song, both old and modern. His participation in festivals and celebrations in the UAE and abroad are testament to his talent.

Fatima Zahrat Al Ain
Singer and Oud performer, Fatima has been performing in the arts since the 1990s. Her many albums have been recorded in the largest production companies in the Gulf and Arab region, making her a huge success. Her Emirati roots can be seen through her talent for performing both heritage and the contemporary. Fatima is a lead female vocal that appeared early on in the Emirati music scene, and has participated in dozens of National Day events, cultural occasions and television programs across the UAE. Her most recent album is titled ‘Jazaytni’; she’s also released new solo tracks such as ‘Ah Wayli’ and ‘Ya Wojodi’ that are covers of old Emirati songs.


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