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National Day Concert at Qasr Al Muwaiji



Date & Time

8:00 PM to 11:00 PM


Qasr Al Muwaiji



Contact Details

+971 3 767 4444


Qasr Al Muwaiji celebrates the 50th National Day with a concert celebrating the Emirati song, which has a unique style and taste that extends from a rich heritage.

Different groups of talents shed the light on the songs of their country and its creative makers, poets, composers and musicians.This concert is considered essential in the program of the celebrations in which it showcases the connection of Emirati songs between generations.

Qasr al Muwaiji is an impressive structure that has watched over the oasis for around 100 years. It was built in the early years of the 20th century in the time of Sheikh Zayed bin Khalifa the First by his son Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Khalifa. After Sheikh Khalifa’s death, the fort passed to his son Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa. Throughout this time, it was a simple but striking building: a square enclosure with projecting corner towers and a grand entrance gate. It was used as a diwan (a council or seat of governance) and as a place for the community to congregate.


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