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‘My Quest for Zayed’ MAS Collectors Programme



Date & Time

9:00 AM to 8:00 PM


Manarat Al Saadiyat




MAS Collectors Programme launches with 'My Quest for Zayed'. This unique exhibition coincides with the celebration of the Year of Zayed, where Mohammed Aljneibi is showcasing his personal collection of old and rare Arabic magazines and newspapers containing photographs of the Late Sheikh Zayed on the cover along with articles or exclusive interviews with the former leader in his early years of leadership. 

Growing up, Mohammed was always curious to find out more information on the late Sheikh Zayed. The existing information in the archives and official media sources were scarce. Aljneibi extended his travels and search to other Middle Eastern countries, where he collected and compiled Arabic and foreign publications that included stories on Sheikh Zayed. During his long journey, he was able to gather a significant amount of information and images coming out of the Gulf, the Arab world and beyond. 

This exhibition offers an intimate opportunity for visitors to view exclusive photos and interviews with a ruler that captured the world before and after the birth of UAE. 

MAS Collectors Programme is an initiative that aims at discovering and promoting young, emerging, and established enthusiasts – people from the local community who have the passion of collecting in different areas. MAS will provide a space and platform for these collectors to showcase their work, examining the intellectual practice of collecting and highlighting its Importance for the wider society.

Mohammed Hamad Aljneibi is a young Emirati graduate of Sorbonne University who works as a planning engineer. Aljneibi is interested in collecting antiquity related to his environment in the United Arab Emirates. He also collects ancient books and periodicals published in the Middle East during the 20th Century (1900 - 1999), a period that he believes defines the history of the press in the Middle East.


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