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Innovation Week at Louvre Abu Dhabi



Date & Time

10:00 AM to 8:00 PM


Louvre Abu Dhabi



Contact Details

+971 600 56 55 66


Innovation Week 2019 will let you experience the world-premiere of some of the bestest musical creations!

Don't miss the world premiere of a unique musical creation using Artificial Intelligence, conducted by Pierre Barreau and Artificial Intelligence Visual Artist (AIVA).

Live for the first time at Louvre Abu Dhabi, Symphony of the Elements brings together Dr. Fathullah Ahmed Salih, music composer and Bait Al Oud vocal teacher who also worked closely with Pierre Barreau on the traditional music references in this unique piece, the Iraqi traditional Oud player, Sadiq Jaafar, young talent singer and Bait Al Oud graduate, Nejma Al Koor and the Bulgarian Sofia Session Orchestra

Five short pieces (3-5 minutes long) of music will be played that are linked to the elements surrounding the museum: water, steel, stone, wind and sand.

The performance will be followed by a short talk by Pierre Barreau, co-founder and CEO of AIVA who will explain the process of creating this unique musical piece using artificial intelligence. The technology works by training the machine on the art of music composition by reading over 30,000 scores of history's greatest composers such as Mozart, Bach and Beethoven.


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