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Hundred Best Arabic Posters 100100 and Odysseus



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10:00 AM to 8:00 PM





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shamma al mheiri


Hundred Best Arabic Posters 100/100 Hundred Best Arabic Posters celebrates the diversity of visual cultures by collecting and choosing the best posters from across the Arab world through a biannual competition from the region, for the region and the rest of the world.

This exhibition spreads knowledge on graphic design from the Arab region through exhibitions and specialised talks and workshops, and reveals the vibrancy of poster language that is deeply embedded in the culture of the Arab world, beyond just its visuals. Poster language, along with its urgency and loudness, looks a lot like the overwhelming intensity of our maximalist culture, both contemporarily and historically. The winning posters are rewarded with a travelling exhibition that stops in several countries within the Arab world, starting with Abu Dhabi.

In partnership with Hundred Best Arabic Posters & Odysseus Through the series titled Odysseus, photographer Tarek Al-Ghoussein carries out a comprehensive artistic study of the islands off the coasts of Abu Dhabi. Al-Ghoussein aims to document and interact with found natural habitats and built environments. Choosing locations much in the same way a film director does, Al-Ghoussein moves between abstraction and the specific circumstances found in particular places. Relying on subtle interventions and non-invasive interactions, the images consider various aspects of isolation and place. He uses the body as a medium that interacts with and becomes a part of and not separate to the landscape he is photographing, thereby adding parallel narratives to the overall image.

Age: All ages

Entry: Free


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