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La Guerre by Samuel Mathieu: Gulf Premiere



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8:00 PM to 10:00 PM


Cultural Foundation



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Samuel Mathieu first began dancing with Régine Chopinot and Jean-Claude Gallotta. In the recent years, he has choreographed his own works, imbued with energy and bodies expressing drama through dance - often with great agility.

It is certainly no surprise to be fascinated by the circus and its highly trained virtuoso performers. For this piece, Samuel Mathieu drew inspiration from the skills of Yves Klein, an artist with a black belt in Judo, whose art was influenced by the sport and who once wrote a synopsis for a ballet.

The choreographer has enlisted Jonas Leclere from Brussels, a circus artist who specialises in aerial strap acrobatics, to perform alongside a dancer, Fabienne Donnio.

La Guerre (De La Ligne Et De La Couleur) unfolds metaphorically within a three-dimensional, weightless space as the straps allow the bodies to be suspended, free from the constraints of the ground.l

“The line is jealous of the colour”, so it's time to look forward to this peaceful confrontation between a highly agile dancer, Donnio and the young circus artist, Leclere.


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