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Al Samha Heritage Festival 9th 2018



Date & Time

5:00 PM to 10:30 PM


Emirates Heritage Club Al Samha




The Emirates Heritage Club is organizing the 9th edition of 'Al Samha Heritage Festival' which will take place at the Samha Youth Center in Abu Dhabi.

The event will include more than 20 different activities that include school programs, productive families’ displays, theatrical plays, environment and heritage programmes, cultural and heritage competitions, children entertainment programs, and many more sports and artistic activities and shows that create effective interaction with the public.

The opening ceremony of the festival will focus on honoring the dignitaries of the Samha region. Also, a special reception will be organized for martyrs' children, people of determination, and orphans. The festival is a cultural, social and recreational event that brings together the people of the region. The Samha Youth Center will organise the event to achieve a number of goals that are in line with the Emirates Heritage Club's strategy, including: dissemination of heritage awareness among the region’s community, providing support to productive families and helping them to showcase their products, strengthening the sense of belonging and national identity through cultural activities derived from the nation’s heritage and culture, and attracting the people of the region to participate in the events and programs in order to build bridges between the club and the local community.


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