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Al Qattara Summer Exhibition



Date & Time

8:00 AM to 8:00 PM


Al Qattara Arts Centre




Al Qattara Summer Exhibition is showcasing the works of the centre's own arts students alongside artists residing in the UAE.

Offering a diverse collection of artistic expressions, the exhibition presents 30 works by 19 artists. Each artist is given the opportunity to showcase their best works in any theme they wish to explore with the freedom to show the audience who they really are as artists and how they would like to be portrayed to the world around them. Artists are known to document their present but also to build surreal worlds where they could transcend the reality and give it a different perspective.

Al Qattara Arts Centre is an important platform for artists due to its historic significance that goes beyond 3000 years ago, as indicated by the recent archaeological excavations which revealed a five meter sequence of archaeological layers reaching back from the Late Islamic period to the Iron Age. 

The event is an ideal exhibition venue for artists to showcase their passion with no boundaries of subject matter or medium.
Al Qattara Arts Centre is a historic building that opened to the public in 2011 to provide the community a center that promotes arts and culture practices to the wide audience of the United Arab Emirates community.


Image credits:

  • Phyliss Brien Hammerstrom 
    Venice, 2018
  • Arezou Alaghband
    Butter fly heaven, 2016


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