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Abu Dhabi Art: 'Letters Exhibition'



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Manarat Al Saadiyat




Omar Saif Ghobash’s book ‘‘Letters to a Young Muslim’’ is comprised of 28 letters written by the author to his son Saif.

Thoughtful reflections on issues spanning religion, culture and individual moral responsibility, are woven together into what will no doubt serve, one day, as a family heirloom for his son. Stitch by stich, each letter binds together a precious wisdom for him. The courage to question everyday assumptions, to find a meaningful way to be true to one’s roots yet also a global citizen, are addressed to Saif, but they also indirectly address a far wider audience; that of a younger generation of Muslims globally.

To this broad audience the author speaks of an empowering history of Islam, one overflowing with scholars, philosophers, architects and scientists, enlightened Muslim voices that stand virulently against the mounting influence of hardline clerics competing for the minds of the next generation. His outlook is shared in diverse ways by the 28 artists whose works have been chosen for this exhibition. The bringing together of works by artists from both the U.A.E. and K.S.A. is in itself a gentle questioning of borders and highlights common human experience whilst resonating closely with the broader concepts that the book explores. 


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