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A Landmark in Space and Time: Qasr Al Hosn Remembers



Date & Time

8:00 PM to 9:30 PM


Qasr Al Hosn



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+971 2 697 6400


This talk will be primarily historical and will focus on Qasr Al Hosn and its evolution over time. Qasr Al Hosn is the oldest standing structure on Abu Dhabi Island and is one of the most historically significant buildings in the emirate. It represents an oasis of tradition and stability in a fast-changing and dynamic 21st-century metropolis.

Yet the fort’s own role has not been static since the first tower was constructed in the second half of the 18th century on Abu Dhabi Island. The structure then grew into an enclosed defensive fort and became the administrative seat of the emirate.

Over the centuries, Qasr Al Hosn evolved into the major cultural centre and symbol of heritage and continuity we know today.

Key Highlights:
- The talk will focus on the Bani Yas tribe, its seasonal movement and the roads taken
- The reason for settlement on Abu Dhabi Island and the construction of the earliest standing structure
- The rulers of the fort and of Abu Dhabi
- The evolution of Qasr Al Hosn from a single tower to an enclosed defensive fort, to an administrative seat of the emirate and then a cultural centre

- Dr. Timothy Power, Archaeologist and Historian specialising in Arabia and the Islamic world

Potential Speakers:
- Dr Fatima Al Sayegh, Professor of History, United Arab Emirates University
- Dr. Jayanti Maitra, historian and researcher, who has spent decades documenting and archiving UAE history
- HE Dr Abdullah Al Rayes, Director General of the National Archives


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