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Oil Painting Techniques

Oil Painting Techniques

Instructor: Ali Hammad

Class description:

Learn the skills and techniques of oil painting as practiced by the great masters in art history. Including lessons on light and shadow, colour theory and values, drawing with paint, creating form and space, various paint application methods, and creating balance and harmony.

Age : Teens & Adults
Course Language : English
Supplies needed : Canvas or oil painting pad, liquid original or linseed oil, oil paint brushes, painting knife, paint palette and oil paints.

(Colours required: Titanium White, Ivory black, Cadmium yellow light, Cadmium yellow deep, Cadmium red light, Ultramarine blue, Phthalo blue, Yellow ochre, Burnt sienna, Raw umber, Alizarin crimson)

Date : Sundays & Tuesdays
Mondays & Wednesdays
Thursdays & Saturdays
Time : 5:00 – 8:00PM
Tickets : 25% Discount on Jubilee Cultural Pass & 20% on Fazza & Staff
350 AED for 4 weeks
Event Location : Al Qattara Arts Centre
Phone : 037118225
Email :