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Cheeseboard Resin Workshop

Cheeseboard Resin Workshop

"In this workshop, you will make your own resin art cheeseboard.

Get an introduction to resin art, learn the main technique of mixing resin and make different creative products from resin. Learn to use resin with pigments and inks. Find out how to cure resin and avoid bubbles.

All materials are included

Activity Outline:

Theory: What is resin, what are its properties and how is it applied?

Preparation of materials and supply list

Practice: create your resin artwork!

Important to know:

Apron will be provided, avoid wearing valued clothes, tie hair back and don’t wear valuable jewellery or watches
Resin hardens in 24 hours; you can only collect your art projects after they have been dried

The workshop will be conducted in Arabic or English

Age: 16+

About the instructor:
Yousra Wahba holds a bachelor’s in pharmaceutical studies from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cairo University. She has been working in the pharma field in Egypt for many years. In mid-2017, she moved to Dubai, UAE and is based there currently.

Yousra Wahba is a contemporary self-taught artist whose art comes directly from the heart to reality, expressing things she does not have words for. Art is her visual language to communicate through the movement of colours.

Yousra is specialised in fluid art, working between layers and always exploring the context and understanding that exist there. Following an abstract style while using either fluid acrylic on canvas or epoxy resin on wood, metal or glass, she combines these with mixed media techniques to develop her unique flair. She has mastered the skills and chemistry of these mediums to further develop her process and expand it beyond perceived boundaries. Using colours to create vitality and vibes, her work tends to focus on her flow of emotions as a woman as well as in nature. You can feel positive energy emanating from her work, which acts as a sort of healing art.

She has exhibited at Atelier Montez in Rome, Italy; Artisita Gallery, Dubai Design District; World Art Dubai in 2020 & 2021 as a solo artist; and Maldives International Art Fair 202.

Her art decorates the walls of many luxurious homes in Dubai, Sharjah, RAK, Cairo, Munich, Zurich and Beirut.

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Date : Saturday, December 18, 2021
Tickets : AED 120
Event Location : Warehouse421
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