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Calligraphy Workshop

Calligraphy Workshop

Instructor: Nabil Al Ghanem

Class description:

Arabic calligraphy is written using a traditional pen made of reed. The earliest style is known as the Kufic style which has sharper edges and corners compared to many of the other later developed styles such as Thuluth, Diwani, Riq’ah and others. These styles can be thought of as different font types, and the tip of the reed pen is cut differently for each of the writing styles. Through this course students will learn about the various writing styles and techniques of the art of the written word.

Age : All ages
Course Language : Arabic
Supplies needed : Pens, reeds, paper, glass and inks."

Date : Sundays & Wednesdays
Saturdays & Thursdays
Time : 5pm – 7 pm
Tickets : 25% Discount on Jubilee Cultural Pass & 20% on Fazza & Staff
AED 300 (Kids)
AED 350 (Adults)
Event Location : Al Qattara Arts Centre
Phone : 037118225
Email :