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The annual Umsiyat series showcases Arabic and global music, promotes openness and cultural diversity and supports the preservation of regional musical history, featuring a variety of artists from across the Arab world and beyond in a wide range of musical genres.



Le Trio Joubran

Umsiyat presents a real highlight for its 2022 Edition: the Trio Joubran!

Samir, Wissam and Adan Joubran are three brothers descending from a family of « Oud » makers and players since four generations... the grand grand-father, the grand-father, the father and now, Samir, Wissam and Adnan have transformed this instrument into a passion, a skill, a life...

Their mastery of « Oud » is singular and so are the harmony and the synchronization that they perform all over the world, before different publics united by the Trio's authenticity and excellence.

The three brothers are originally from Palestine and have become today musicians who are sought after worldwide, progressing in their art thanks to a big amount of individual and collective effort and to the deep love and respect of music and public.

Like no other music group of the Arab World, Le Trio Joubran has been able to find new rhythms and notes with the oud and has completely renovated our understanding of the Region’s music.

14 December, 2022, 8PM
Cultural Foundation, Abu Dhabi
Trio Joubran 


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Jazz Night: New Jazz in Egypt

As part of the Umsiyat concert series, Trio Abozekrys will be performing in Abu Dhabi for the very first time. The trio is the first musical meeting between two brothers, and its music tells a story of travelling back and forth between Egypt and France.

Earlier in their careers, the Abozekry brothers never collaborated with each other – each of them following their own artistic path. But a few years ago, they united in a musical dialogue, forming a visionary and explosive project that demonstrates to audiences how interesting contemporary instrumental music produced in the Middle East can be.

No pyramids, camels, or pharaohs! Trio Abozekrys is an experience from a totally new generation of eccentric and energetic musicians.

The Abozekry brothers – Mohamed on oud and Abdallah on saz, accompanied by Nicolas Thé on drums – bring new flavour to Middle Eastern sounds, changing expectations about what jazz can be.

“Don’t Replace Me By A Machine is one of the most original and inspiring releases we have received from the Arab world in a long time” – Louis-Julien Nicolaou

15 December, 2022, 8PM
Cultural Foundation, Abu Dhabi
Jazz Night New Jazz in Egypt  Ziad Tarek _3a Posters_05 


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The Indian Masters:
Shujaat Khan, Amit Chobey, Nihar Mehta

Shujaat Khan’s art, with its tolerance and diversity, its new ways of marrying music and poetry, embodies the spirit of Umsiyat like that of few other artists. Born into a family of musicians going back generations, Khan is today considered the greatest living sitar player and has brought this musical art to worldwide audiences, performing in the most prestigious global venues including Carnegie Hall, the Royal Albert Hall and the United Nations Assembly Hall. His recordings appear at the top of the Greatest World Music Albums of All Time List on Amazon and have won him many awards, including a Grammy nomination.

For his first appearance in Abu Dhabi, Khan will be joined by two other outstanding musicians, world-leading tabla players Amit Choubey and Nihar Mehta.

17 December, 2022, 8PM
Cultural Foundation, Abu Dhabi
The Indian Masters 


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