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Bait Al Oud Strings Concert

Bait Al Oud Strings Concert

The Strings Department at Bait Al Oud  presents the first classical music concert at the Cultural Foundation Theater.

With the participation of a group of advanced students, accompanied by Bait Al Oud teachers and musicians, led by the artist and violin teacher, Ali Dridi. They will present a classical and diverse music programme.

Bait Al Oud 

Bait Al Oud is one of the most famous and innovative music academies in the region. It 
was established in 2008 under the supervision of the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi with the aim of preserving traditional Arabic music and teaching the Arabic oud and other Arabic instruments like the qanun, cello, violin and rebab.
Bait Al Oud is committed to the highest standards of music education. As a centre for teaching and research, it is also charged with safeguarding Arabic music heritage and nurturing new generations of professional Arab musicians. It also encourages handicrafts by teaching students how to make musical instruments like the oud and introducing new technologies to what is considered to be one of the oldest string instruments in the world. 


Date: 8 June 2024
Location: Cultural Foundation
Entry: Free