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Maritime Heritage Festival 2024

Maritime Heritage Festival 2024

Returning for its third edition, Abu Dhabi’s Maritime Heritage Festival will once more immerse visitors of all ages in traditional coastal life, recreating a historic shoreline community with a thrilling blend of inspiring crafts, souqs, storytelling, performances, demonstrations and traditional cuisine.

Retrace the journeys of those who lived in rhythm with Abu Dhabi’s tides, through experiences including weaving, navigating by the stars, net-casting, foods, and traditional performances, to explore the healing bounty of the sea and our trading legacy.

The Maritime Heritage Festival will take place from 23 February – 3 March 2024, at Abu Dhabi Corniche, A’l Bahar.

What to Expect:

• Family workshops
• Souqs
• Traditional games
• Traditional performing arts
• Main show every evening
• Historical reenactments
• Jalsat
• Exclusive merchandise
• Picnics
• Food and beverages
• Offshore activities


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