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Emotions! The New Art Adventure

Emotions! The New Art Adventure

"The Louvre Abu Dhabi is welcoming families and young children back to the Children’s Museum, with the brand-new exhibition ‘Emotions! The new art adventure’. The event is free for children, and perfect for children aged 4 to 10.

This year, there are so many new things to try! Taking you across the three floors of the Children’s Museum, there is a variety of fun experiences to help you explore emotions by playing, listening, drawing or acting. There is also a new outdoor area to relax and express your own emotions. Let unpleasant feelings go away, or cultivate happiness, and understand that all emotions are your friends.

Children will discover the secret world of feelings in artworks. Throughout history, artists from different backgrounds and belonging to different cultures always paid attention to the way they represented emotions in their creations.

** All children must be accompanied by an adult."

Date : Oct 1st, 2021 - May 1st, 2023
Tickets : FREE
Event Location : Louvre Abu Dhabi