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Rohini Devasher: Contemporary Art between Nature and Culture

Rohini Devasher: Contemporary Art between Nature and Culture

"Rohini Devasher: Contemporary Art between Nature and Culture

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The artist and amateur astronomer Rohini Devasher has chased solar eclipses -- literal dialectics of negative and positive. She has worked with a community of amateur astronomers in India, building a chronicle of these people whose lives have been transformed by the night sky. Most recently she spent 26 days on board the High Trust an oil tanker which spanned the Pacific Ocean. This journey reinforced the role of ‘observation’, and the ‘field’ or ‘site’ in her practice. Her films, prints, sounds, drawings, and mappings of the antagonism of time and space walk the fine line between wonder and the uncanny, foregrounding the 'strangeness' of encountering, observing and recording both environment and experience.

About the speaker:

Rohini Devasher trained as a painter and printmaker and works with video and site-specific drawings. Her current research focuses on the twin aspects of the Earth’s skies: its celestial constants on one hand and the mutable objects of the atmosphere on the other. In August 2021, Devasher and Pallavi Paul co-founded SPLICE, an artistic and curatorial collaborative practice.

Future Perfect is a colloquium bringing together curators, artists, and scholars to flesh out the contemporary along a Möbius strip of past and future, distance and proximity, absence and presence, catastrophe and creation, displacements and condensations of time and space in the historical landscape of modernity. How might we think, produce, and exhibit the contemporary in modernity and vice-versa? -- towards social and political justice through aesthetic invention and intervention?

This colloquium is part of Warehouse421 Curatorial Development Exhibition Program, in partnership with Bombay Institute for Critical Analysis and Research (BICAR)."

Date : Tuesday, December 7, 2021
Tickets : FREE
Event Location : Virtual (Youtube)
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