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Pallavi Paul The Heart of the Heart

Pallavi Paul: The Heart of the Heart

"Pallavi Paul: The Heart of the Heart

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The questions of 'truth' and 'veracity' structure Pallavi Paul's practice. Her work stages the interventionist potential of the ‘record’ as an aesthetic question. The documentary does not appear as a simple image category, but as an ecology of materials, networks, global alliances, and systems of public thought. To assess the power of these forms, she will present a discussion around her film works that deal with the tension between countenancing the world—working with the complex transference between sensation, history, memory, and reality—and representing the world, which often presumes a positivist capture of everyday life. The discussion will also be informed by the fact that everyday life now is pervaded by diverse kinds of non-fiction materials. Whether as memes, WhatsApp ‘forwards’, social media posts, 24x7 news coverage, Twitter threads, this material percolates our most intimate spaces while simultaneously open to public scrutiny. Paul will attempt to take stock of this double pull between the increasing pervasiveness of documentary materials and a growing public suspicion around their veracity. Through this method, she hopes to use the debris of monolithic ideological claims, scientific determinism, and historical absolutism as generative materials.

About the speaker:

Pallavi Paul is an artist and film scholar. Her practice interrogates how ‘truth’ is produced and argued in public life, paying mind to the tension between documents and their aesthetic utterance that gets repressed in contemporary productions of ‘the documentary’. She is one-half of SPLICE, a curatorial and artistic practice co-founded with Rohini Devasher.

Future Perfect is a colloquium bringing together curators, artists, and scholars to flesh out the contemporary along a Möbius strip of past and future, distance and proximity, absence and presence, catastrophe and creation, displacements and condensations of time and space in the historical landscape of modernity. How might we think, produce, and exhibit the contemporary in modernity and vice-versa? -- towards social and political justice through aesthetic invention and intervention?

This colloquium is part of Warehouse421 Curatorial Development Exhibition Program, in partnership with Bombay Institute for Critical Analysis and Research (BICAR)."

Date : Tuesday, November 23, 2021
Tickets : FREE
Event Location : Virtual (Youtube)
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